Lights, camera, action!

It’s time for another round of Roomstyler updates!

Hole in the wall

Who needs doors anyway? We’re introducing frameless wall openings! A set of four to be precise. They can be found in the usual ‘door section’ and you can drag them in the wall just the way you’re used to. They’re even stackable so you can create bigger and more creative passages, like one of our users did in this design

Magazine worthy

In the 3D Planner you can now choose between 3 different cameras! The default setting is the regular wide-angle we’ve always used. But if you click the camera icon, you can also experiment with a normal and a zoom camera. The angle of your preview 3D render will change along with the camera of your choice. It’s also possible to set the camera height. Raise it up till 6 meters high, or lower it for a straight shot resembling the look and feel of those fancy lifestyle magazines. Doesn’t this design look great?

Feeling sunny!

Finally, you can control the orientation and altitude of the “sun” in the 3D Planner again. Go ahead and play a little, see whether you can fine-tune it so your design catches the perfect outdoor light. You can find the new controls under the light bulb icon, in the tab on the left.

Floorplanners meets 3CPO

At Floorplanner we are always curious to see how companies from all over the world are using our products. In our monthly Floorplanner meets… series we share their stories. 


This month, we are meeting 3CPO, the Dutch company that guides and advises future homeowners on self-build projects. Founder and CEO Léon Houtman talks about the company’s growth, his exciting plans for the future and how Floorplanner helps his clients to realize the house of their dreams.  


Can you tell us a little bit about 3CPO?

“At 3CPO we guide the process of self-building projects. We help future homeowners with the commissioning of a building project and together we do the work that otherwise would be done by a real estate developer: we hire an architect, the construction workers, etc. This way, we enable people to be involved with their future home from the very beginning. From buying the ground to closing the construction and receiving the keys; the future homeowners are completely in charge every step of the way. Over the last couple of years, we’ve really invested in our website and the communication with our clients. After all, our product is not the house itself, but the service of facilitating people in their decision making process towards building a home.

How does 3CPO use Floorplanner?

We use Floorplanner to get people more excited about the possibilities of self-build projects. We create and show floor plans in our brochures and on our website. Of course we also let potential clients design their own homes. It’s an important feature, especially for people who are building an apartment, because the one thing they can really influence in the building process is the layout of the space. We try to stimulate all of our clients to use Floorplanner. After all: designing and decorating your future home is one of the most fun aspects of the self-building process. 

What are 3CPO’s plans for the future?

We will be expanding our focus to further include people who might not want the full responsibility for commissioning a building project and are more comfortable with co-commissioning. We’re also looking into collaborations with other parties such as construction groups and self-build platforms. As far as our communication goes, we’re planning on letting our clients do more of the talking. We want to share their stories; their experiences with self-build projects from designing the floor plan of their dream house to actually living there. 

Faster and better: the new Floorplan Viewer

Presenting detailed floor plans to a big online audience is a piece of cake with Floorplanner’s new Viewer. We created the viewer especially for commercial parties such as property portals and realtors, so they can present the floor plans of their properties faster and better.

Fast, faster, fastest

So, what’s new? Not only did we improve the quality of the floor plans, but the new viewer also loads at least ten times faster than before! And yes, that goes for the 2D as well as the 3D view. Furthermore, now both the 2D and 3D view work great on mobile devices. For those of us who like technical details: we built it in JavaScript and HTML5, so there is no longer the need for the Flash plugin. 

See for yourself

Want to give the new viewer a whirl? It is available for every Floorplanner user, whether you have a business or a personal account. Just log into your account, pick a project you would like to see and replace the /edit in the URL with /viewer.

For example: 

Of course for commercial parties, the new viewer is also available for incorporation on their own websites. The Dutch property portal is already using it. Check it out at Funda! 

Roomstyler Insights: Get to know your customers

We created a special dashboard for commercial parties offering Roomstyler to their customers. From now on, businesses such as dmLights and Kaplan Early Learning Company can simply log in to their Roomstyler admin account and find all the data they need on the brand new dashboard page. 

Know more, perform better
How many rooms did customers design, how many renders were made in the last month and which products were most often used in decorating the rooms? Roomstyler Insights answers these kinds of important questions and helps businesses to truly understand their customers.

Active engagement
Roomstyler Insights makes it possible to reach out to customers who designed a room from a registered account. Look at their designs and send them a personalized offer based on the products they used or let them know when their favourite items are on sale. Just imagine the possibilities… 

Newsflash: Roomstyler on Apple TV!

Are you by any chance an interior enthusiast AND an Apple aficionado? Great! Especially for you, we just launched the Roomstyler App for Apple TV!

Finally you can discover new and surprising room designs on the screen of your choice. Get inspired and cast your vote in one of the many Roomstyler design contests or leisurely browse through millions of creative room designs.

If you want to install the Roomstyler App, just search for 'Roomstyler' on your Apple TV and start browsing through all the designs! When you want to explore the app on your iOS device you can download it here.