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About Floorplanner
Floorplanner started with a floorplan.

When the parents of founder Jeroen were looking for a new apartment, they couldn’t tell if their furniture would fit. Could they place the couch against that wall next to the door? Would the dinner table fit in that room? The only way to figure this out was to draw a floorplan with the furniture on it. Either on paper – which takes a long time – or with heavy duty CAD software – which takes even more time. There had to be a better way.

So Jeroen built Floorplanner. A place to easily create a floorplan of a house and populate it with furniture. Floorplanner is now the leading floorplan platform with over 10 million registered users from all over the world and clients like IKEA and property portals like Funda in the Netherlands.

After Floorplanner came Roomstyler; a place to easily design interiors and to be inspired by all the beautiful creations of its community. With a very active community and clients like Design Within Reach and John Lewis, Roomstyler is the #1 interior design platform on the Internet.

Our latest product is the Yoostyler. Purchasing furniture for your home can be a challenge full of questions and doubt. The sofa and armchair you have fallen in love with – do you have room for the matching ottoman? Yoostyler is a revolutionary interior design tool that enables you to find the answers to all of these questions and more. Have a look here.

All in all, at Floorplanner we want to create simple tools with amazing end results. Tools that can be used by anybody with professional quality output.

Job description
We are always finetuning and rebuilding parts of as we want to make it better suited for the jobs people use it for. This means the website, the API, the editor and the 2D and 3D image rendering are always being worked on. Right now I’m looking for someone who can help us with rebuilding the parts of the 2D floorplan editor.

But that’s only a start. After that we want to rebuild the 3D planner of Roomstyler, perhaps also the moodboard application and we have some bold ideas for improving the Yoostyler. Enough to keep us busy!

What are we looking for?
We are looking for someone who has experience in building client side applications with JavaScript (or CoffeeScript or LiveScript or …). But it’s more important to us that you are passionate about building software. Software that is used by many thousands of people every day from all over the world to help them get their stuff done in a faster, easier and better way than before.

The world is changing fast – especially the tech world – so you have to keep up. You have to be eager to try new stuff and learn new tech. But there is a balance of course, we still have to deliver products to our clients. Learning is very important, but most of the learning has to be done while working on production-ready code.

The job is not only about writing code. You are part of a team and you have to be able to work in a team. This means that you have to be able to express your thoughts and ideas in a way other people understand and to be able to discuss them with the rest of the team.

What do we offer?
You can work on software that reaches a lot of people world-wide. And you can do this working together with clever and enthusiastic people who love building software. And all this in a relaxed atmosphere in a nice office with a magnificent view at the new Central Station and near the city centre of Rotterdam.

Your salary will be in line with market practice and we have a program running to earn a quarterly bonus. The job is for 32 or 40 hours a week and we are looking for someone who can be at our Rotterdam office most of the time. However, we have flexible working hours and you can work from home occasionally.

Are you interested to learn more about this job? Please send me a message at

Floorplanner Tutorials S01E05

In this new episode of Floorplanner Tutorials you can see the different options in the process of making an export.

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Floorplanner is using migenius RealityServer

Floorplanner has been using 3D techniques for quite some time now. At first we started out with 2D, but we were dreaming all along of transforming those awesome 2D images into lushly 3D. And on top of that all served in your own web browser screen within just a couple of seconds of course.


To realize all this Floorplanner relies heavily on the powers of migenius RealityServer for serving the 3D imagery on And therefore we are very happy to see that Floorplanner is featured with a couple of Roomstyler designs in the portfolio video of migenius!

migenius RealityServer enables the development and deployment of interactive and photorealistic applications and web services, allowing product designers, architects and consumers to easily visualise 3D scenes with remarkable realism.

If you want to know more about the endless possibilities of RealityServer or other products of migenius, take a look at their website.

Roomstyler goes 360º

From now on you can render your rooms in a full 360º view with Roomstyler’s brand new panorama feature! With a panorama render you can invite other people into your rooms to take a good look around. If you are selling your house (or are in the business of selling real estate) it is a great way for potential buyers to really experience the place. As an added feature we made it possible for every panorama render to be embedded on your personal or corporate website.

Design becomes storytelling
At Roomstyler we know how much effort, thought and inspiration goes into designing a great room. That is why, with the panorama render, we included the possibility to share your design story. Tell your audience or customers why you chose those daring yellow velvet curtains (seriously, why?), created a glass wall or added a dozen miniature lawn gnomes to your roof terrace.

You get a panorama! You get a panorama! You get a panorama!
Excited? Good! Because we want every Roomstyler user to experience at least one of their rooms in panorama view we are giving everyone 5 credits! So go ahead, give it a try we would love to hear your thoughts. You can take a look at an example panorama right here or find the embedded one below.

Improved renderings

WHOOSH! What was that? Oh, you know, just our BLAZING new update that showcases your Roomstyler designs even faster and better.

As a Roomstyler user you’ve probably already noticed our latest update because the rooms you decorate now render much, much faster. This gives you the opportunity to make little adjustments to your rooms and immediately check (and show others) the effect with our photo realistic renders.

Speaking of photo realistic: that is the other major improvement we’ve introduced! The renders of the rooms show even more depth, vivid colors and (drumroll please…) reflections from the glass in the windows! Before this update the windows in Roomstyler were “empty” and functioned solely as holes in the walls. But of course in the real world windows are so much more than that. With the addition of glass panels Roomstyler now captures the true experience of what sunlight does with a room.

And there’s more to come. Soon it will be possible to render your favorite room in a full 360º view! With this new panorama function you can showcase not only a single corner, but the whole room at once. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? We’ll keep you posted.

Yoostyler at Harrods

Yoo and Floorplanner have been closely working together to develop our latest product, the Yoostyler. That is why we are happy to see that Yoo choose to feature the Yoostyler with a stunning presence in their luxury in-store at Harrods London.

YooStyler at Harrods

The Yoostyler is a revolutionary interior design tool which empowers you to create and change your own room designs in 3D right on the spot.
If you are in the neighbourhood or living nearby you can contact Yoo and arrange a complimentary appointment with one of the Yoostyler experts so you can experience this revolutionary tool for yourself at YOO Home in Harrods.

You can read more info at the Yoo website.

Floorplanner Tutorials S01E04

In this new episode of Floorplanner Tutorials, Nico is going to tell you something about adding a kitchen and some furniture. We explain 2 ways of drawing separate wall sections, how create a low wall, grouping objects and setting object properties.

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Floorplanner Tutorials S01E03

After covering basic room drawing in part 1, doors windows and structural components in part 2, this time Nico will explain more about room properties and surface drawing.

We keep adding new videos to this series. You can subscribe to our channel to get notified for the latest instruction videos.

Spring update: improving Floorplans

It has been some time since you’ve heard from us. We’re happy to mention some improvements and updates of the Floorplanner tool. Lately, we’ve been working hard on improving Roomstyler and Floorplanner simultaneously.

New drawing features

We added some little details that could matter for a lot of our users.

  1. Rotate your entire plan at a custom angle. This is ideal for drawing plans with rooms at an angle, like the one displayed.
  2. The option to get the total floor area of your plan. You can see in one go the total square size of all your auto-generated rooms, and also of your custom surfaces. We’ve had the option in m2 for some time now, but now we also added the option in square feet.
  3. Extra assets. The last months we’ve added plumbing symbols, server- and network equipment, a tennis court and an indoor soccer field. Also we improved the look of some assets like our TV screens.

Tutorials & Tricks

We started a series of tutorial movies in which we explain how to draw in Floorplanner. Every now and then we will add a new movie showing some new tricks or features to get the plans you need.

Also, we added some documents with Tips and Tricks on several subjects. For instance: How to draw an Attic, How to add a legend, Repairing your floorplan
We’re glad to see that since then, the quality of attic plans has been visibly improved, and we see more and more people using floorplanner for electric- and plumbing plans with a legend explaining all the symbols.

Czech version!

In january we released a Czech version! We hope to bring all the floorplanner goodness to the Czech- and the Slovak republic. Thanks to our dedicated translators!

If you want to hear about our latest features or see the amazing plans our users are making, just like our Facebook page.

High-res interior renderings and custom furniture models and materials

What would make Roomstyler even better? Well, we are glad you asked, because we are introducing two brand new premium features!

From now on it is possible to get customized models of every single piece of furniture you own (or would like to own). Yes, that includes the one-of-a-kind wallpaper you bought at a vintage market years ago and the new fancy vase you’ve been eyeing in the store. Just send us a few pictures and the measurements of the items you want to use in Roomstyler and we will work our modeling magic. You can order furniture items here and textures here.

The second new feature offers the possibility to make HD renderings of your rooms in 2 sizes (1280 x 960 pixels and 2048 x 1536 pixels) so that your designs are crystal clear. Our HD renderings are perfect for taking your designs of the screen and use them in brochures or moodboards. You can create an HD render by going to one of your room pages. Below the design, you see “Create Premium Render”. Click the ‘Create’-button, choose what resolution you like and create your HD render.

For these new features you can use Roomstyler credits. They are for sale here. As a thank you to you – our lovely users – and to celebrate the introduction of our Premium features, we are giving credits away for free! Everyone gets a credit for every original room they created up till today, with a maximum of 150 credits per person. All you need to do is to go to this webpage and click on the ‘Redeem’ button. Please do so before the end of March, because then your chance of redeeming your free credits will be gone. We’re looking forward to seeing you put your credits to purpose!