VR panoramas on Roomstyler

Panoramas are amazing. A still image shows you an interior design at one specific angle. A panorama enables you to look around and experience the whole interior from every angle.

What's even better than a panorama? A VR panorama! A VR panorama shows the interior in 3D, which gives you the immersive feeling of actually standing inside a room. From now one, all the panoramas on Roomstyler will be VR enabled by default.

All you need to do to experience a VR panorama is to load a Roomstyler room on your phone, select a the VR mode and view it in a Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR or other VR glasses. A Oculus Rift or HTC Vive gives you the best VR experience, but you have to jump through a few hoops to get it working.

To make things even better we decided to cut the prices almost in half. An HD VR panorama now costs 3 credits and a 4K VR panorama costs 6 credits.

On a more technical note, we also switched from cubemap to equirectangular images for our panoramas. You can download the original equirectangular images from your room page if you want to use these files in your own viewer. It's also possible to make panorama render requests through the Roomstyler API.


Black & white 2D floor plans

Sometimes you just want a more classic looking floor plan. Not a floor plan with colors, textures and furniture with a 3D look, but a schematic floor plan that’s completely black & white or with a touch of color. That’s why we added this feature to our platform.

In the top bar of the editor you can find three new icons. By clicking one of the icons you can change the visual style of your floor plan. The first icon uses black & white furniture items and colors every rooms white. The second icon also uses black & white furniture items but renders the rooms in their color. The last icon shows the familiar style we started out with, 3d looking furniture items and colored / textured rooms.

When you export your 2D floor plan as an image from the editor, it will use the visual style you of the editor. You can also export a images via our API. In that case you can specify the visual style in your request by setting the paper.visuals parameter.

This feature is immediately available to everybody.

Improved 3D floor plans

A 2D floor plan gives essential real estate information. It's an important marketing tool because it allows potential home buyers to clearly see the layout and potential of a property.

Made by Mediatask.co

Made by Mediatask.co

A 3D floorplan makes a property look sexy. Potential homebuyers get much more excited about a property when presented with a stunning 3D floorplan than a schematic 2D floorplan. A 3D floorplan gives them a better way to experience the property, to get a feeling of how it would be like to live there. That's why we put a lot of effort into improving our 3D floorplan visuals.

Made by Inviso.no

Made by Inviso.no

An important part of the improvement comes from our new furniture library of 150.000+ high quality 3D models. Another thing we did was pushing our render engine to the max. High quality 3D visuals usually require a lot of time to render, but we engineered a way to produce beautiful 3D floorplans at a high 4K resolution within a couple of minutes.

3D floorplans are avaible to everybody. Default projects of free accounts can be exported as SD (960 x 540px) images with a Floorplanner logo. Premium projects of subscription accounts can be exported as 4K (3840 x 2160px) images with a custom logo or without a logo. 3D floorplan visuals can also be exported via our API.

More info about the new Floorplanner Editor!

Remember we told you about the good news for our Floorplanner Partners and users with Floorplanner Plus and Pro accounts? These coming months we will be updating our Floorplanner Editor, so that come 2017 we will be ready for a new year.

Decorate like a pro

After using the new editor to draw a floor plan, you can decorate the space using items from the standard Floorplanner collection. Want to spice things up? Check out the five new collections we’re launching. They’re based on the latest interior trends.

Label every room

With the new editor, every room in the floor plan can be assigned a specific room type. You simply add a label and the room will change color accordingly. In the blink of an eye, the room types provide you with a clear overview of any floor plan. The specific labels and color schemes can be customized to your preferred language and corporate identity.

Want to know more about the exciting features of the new Floorplanner Editor? Read all about them!


The new Floorplanner Editor

It’s time for a change

Good news for our Floorplanner Partners and users with Floorplanner Plus and Pro accounts: these coming months we will be updating our Floorplanner Editor, so that come 2017 we will be ready for a new year. The new Floorplanner Editor is completely up to date and future proof.

Take it with you

Since the new editor is built in HTML5 and Javascript, it works and looks great on any and all devices. Realtors, designers and other professionals who travel around, don’t have to wait until they are back behind their big desktops at the office, but can start editing whenever and wherever is most convenient for them - simply by opening Floorplanner on their smartphone or tablet.

New look

Don’t worry, you will still recognize the Floorplanner Editor. We just spruced it up by regrouping functions and options in a more intuitive order. We are also introducing a new set of icons with an instantly familiar feel.

Prompt and precise  

Another useful new feature is the automatic placement of measurements within a new design. Of course, these measurements can always be adjusted manually so that they are accurate to the centimeter. 

In the next couple of weeks we will be introducing more exciting features of the new Floorplanner Editor.  

Stay tuned!