Floorplanner is using migenius RealityServer

Floorplanner has been using 3D techniques for quite some time now. At first we started out with 2D, but we were dreaming all along of transforming those awesome 2D images into lushly 3D. And on top of that all served in your own web browser screen within just a couple of seconds of course.

To realize all this Floorplanner relies heavily on the powers of migenius RealityServer for serving the 3D imagery on Roomstyler.com. And therefore we are very happy to see that Floorplanner is featured with a couple of Roomstyler designs in the portfolio video of migenius!

migenius RealityServer enables the development and deployment of interactive and photorealistic applications and web services, allowing product designers, architects and consumers to easily visualise 3D scenes with remarkable realism.
— Jeroen Bekkers, CEO

If you want to know more about the endless possibilities of RealityServer or other products of migenius, take a look at their website.