The must-have app for every interior enthusiast

Looking for some interior design inspiration? With the brand new Roomstyler Contest App you can now discover new and surprising designs each day. Get inspired and cast your vote in one of the many Roomstyler design contests or leisurely browse through millions of creative room designs. 

Browse around

With our new app you can browse through every single interior ever designed with the online 3D roomplanner Roomstyler. Apply a filter to search for certain decorating styles or a specific kind of room. Find something you love? Great! Give the design a like, comment on it or share it on social media.

Contest crazy

Roomstyler has a very active and inspiring community. Everyone with a (free) Roomstyler account can participate in weekly design contests where you can release your inner interior designer on themes such as the ideal man cave, exotic rooftop terrace or zen yoga studio. In the app you can closely follow every Roomstyler contest and cast your vote on your favourite designs.

From design to purchase in one click.

This week Product Markers were introduced on Roomstyler. With Product Markers companies who have a Branded Roomstyler can choose to tag their products so they become interactive in the final design of a room. The marker is clickable and offers more information about a product and can be integrated through a direct link to the companies webshop. For the customer the step from their design to a purchase is now only one simple click away.  

We are very excited to add this feature to our platform and think our clients and users will be excited too. Viewing product information in a design makes it much easier for people to discover and buy inspiring products.
— Jeroen Bekkers, CEO Floorplanner

Roomstyler is a great way for customers to experience their products in the virtual reality of their own homes. With the new markers they can now immediately inform them about their design choices and lead them straight to the shop. We believe that with this feature we really found a way to close the gap between a design and a sale.

Floorplanner meets dmLights

At Floorplanner we are always curious to see how companies from all over the world are using our products. In our brand new monthly Floorplanner meets… series we share their stories.


This month we are meeting dmLights, one of the world’s biggest online lighting stores. With over 50,000 different products by more than 90 manufacturers this Belgian company is a big market player. Business manager Jef De Meutter, founder of the dmLights webshop, talks about the company’s history, future and its unique integration with Floorplanner’s 3D homeplanner Roomstyler.


Can you tell us a little bit about dmLights?
“My father started the business 35 years ago. He worked as an electrician and noticed a need for a store selling electric installation supplies, so he began his own shop. I joined the company when I was 18 and in 2004 I started our webshop with a focus on lighting materials. Back then, we were one of the first online lighting stores.”

How did Floorplanner impact your business?
“We recently launched a complete redesign of our website and one of the new key features is the integration of Roomstyler. Our customers use it to design a virtual home with our lighting products. Our Homeplanner, as we named it, has the unique feature that the luminaires put in the room design actually work, so you can view the results of your plan on a HD-render with realistic lighting effects.”

What are the first reactions to Roomstyler?
We were greatly surprised by the amount of users it drew. In the first month the tool was used to draw 4000 homeplans! To say we did not see that coming, is an understatement. We received a lot of positive reactions from the Roomstyler-community. Together with Floorplanner we organised a popular build your own ‘Room with Lighting-contest’ on Roomstyler.

What are dmLights’ plans for the future?
In the long run we want to focus more and more on inspiring our customers. Using Roomstyler is an important step in that direction. It allows our private customers to develop and share new interior design ideas and our corporate clients can use it to showcase their designs. For a long time in our business it was enough to just sell products. But I think that to really distinguish yourself as a professional webshop nowadays, you need something else... something more. In the end everybody can start a webshop, but only a few can do it right. We want to do it right by offering products and inspiration.”

Bigger & Better Roomstyler Renders

In a time where our screens seem to only get bigger the Roomstyler renders with a 4:3 aspect ratio looked a bit… well… outdated. Since more and more devices are best served with a 16:9 ratio view we decided to switch over. So from now on all Roomstyler renders will be proportioned 16:9!

But that’s not all folks. We will be bringing these new renders to you in higher resolutions. The smallest render, for example, will be a whopping 960x540 pixels! That is almost 70% bigger than the old version (which was a meager 640x480px). Every render will also be available in HD (1920x1080px) and even in 4K (3840x2160px). Furthermore we improved the Roompage so that you will immediately get to see your room in full screen. And if you requested a render in HD or 4K your room will automatically load on the Roompage in this resolution (if your screen can handle the resolution, that is).

With our improved render sizes professional Roomstyler users such as retailers and realtors can now present their designs (and furniture!) on huge screens, without losing any details.

Just imagine the possibilities…

Roomstyler goes 360º

From now on you can render your rooms in a full 360º view with Roomstyler’s brand new panorama feature! With a panorama render you can invite other people into your rooms to take a good look around. If you are selling your house (or are in the business of selling real estate) it is a great way for potential buyers to really experience the place. As an added feature we made it possible for every panorama render to be embedded on your personal or corporate website. Design becomes storytelling At Roomstyler we know how much effort, thought and inspiration goes into designing a great room. That is why, with the panorama render, we included the possibility to share your design story. Tell your audience or customers why you chose those daring yellow velvet curtains (seriously, why?), created a glass wall or added a dozen miniature lawn gnomes to your roof terrace.

You get a panorama! You get a panorama! You get a panorama! Excited? Good! Because we want every Roomstyler user to experience at least one of their rooms in panorama view we are giving everyone 5 credits! So go ahead, give it a try we would love to hear your thoughts. You can take a look at an example panorama right here or find the embedded one below.