Black & white blueprints

Sometimes you just want a more classic looking floor plan. Not a floor plan with colors, textures and furniture with a 3D look, but a schematic floor plan that’s completely black & white or with a touch of color. That’s why we added this feature to our platform.

In the top bar of the editor you can find three new icons. By clicking one of the icons you can change the visual style of your floor plan. The first icon uses black & white furniture items and colors every rooms white. The second icon also uses black & white furniture items but renders the rooms in their color. The last icon shows the familiar style we started out with, 3d looking furniture items and colored / textured rooms.

When you export your 2D floor plan as an image from the editor, it will use the visual style you of the editor. You can also export a images via our API. In that case you can specify the visual style in your request by setting the paper.visuals parameter.

This feature is immediately available to everybody.