Faster and better: the new Floorplan Viewer

Presenting detailed floor plans to a big online audience is a piece of cake with Floorplanner’s new Viewer. We created the viewer especially for commercial parties such as property portals and realtors, so they can present the floor plans of their properties faster and better.

Fast, faster, fastest

So, what’s new? Not only did we improve the quality of the floor plans, but the new viewer also loads at least ten times faster than before! And yes, that goes for the 2D as well as the 3D view. Furthermore, now both the 2D and 3D view work great on mobile devices. For those of us who like technical details: we built it in JavaScript and HTML5, so there is no longer the need for the Flash plugin. 

See for yourself

Want to give the new viewer a whirl? It is available for every Floorplanner user, whether you have a business or a personal account. Just log into your account, pick a project you would like to see and replace the /edit in the URL with /viewer.

For example: 

Of course for commercial parties, the new viewer is also available for incorporation on their own websites. The Dutch property portal is already using it. Check it out at Funda!