Floorplanner meets teacher Christine Miserendino

At Floorplanner we are always curious to see how people from all over the world are using our products. In our monthly Floorplanner meets… series we share their stories. 

This month we are meeting Christine Miserendino, a future teacher from the United States who has been using Floorplanner to design the perfect classroom. Christine tells us why she believes Floorplanner to be a great tool for teachers and students alike. 


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
“I am currently a sophomore studying Elementary Education with a minor in Spanish at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. So far, my major has been a great experience even though I have been challenged a lot. I love the friends I have made here as well as my professors. They have given me a lot of great advice and tools to use to help my future classroom. Floorplanner was one the tools that my professor showed me. To use Floorplanner, I made an account and once I did, I started developing my future classroom with how it would look and what the overall layout would be.” 

Why does the design of a classroom matter?
“The point behind designing my future classroom using Floorplanner was to know how to make a classroom safe and manageable for learning. If a classroom is organised, clean, and safe, students are able to learn better physically, mentally, and emotionally since teaching is done in a more relaxed setting. If a classroom was messy and objects were hindering and potentially in the way of students, not much teaching (and learning) would get done. I would recommend using Floorplanner to other teachers because it is an easier way to allow the format and organisation of the classroom to be changed if need be; rather than waste time moving the classroom around and guessing where objects should go, Floorplanner helps a teacher layout their plan right in front of them so that no time is wasted and so there will be a safe environment for learning.

Would you also recommend use Floorplanner as an educational tool? 
“Floorplanner is a fun app and it definitely would engage students to use their creativity and design skills. Floorplanner can be used for fun activities such as having the students create their own ideal bedroom and then write down why they would want that. Floorplanner could also teach students about organisation and how to clean up and keep a neat and tidy space. When my teacher assigned us the task of using Floorplanner to make our own future classroom, I had a lot of fun setting up the layout of my room. I discovered that sometimes, even though you may want everything in your classroom, you must keep in mind how much space you have to manoeuvre so that the classroom is safe. Many times I had to move the items I had around so I could best keep the equipment I had, but also have a manageable classroom so students could properly learn.”