The new and speedy 3D-viewer for Floorplanner is here!

One of our favorite tools in Floorplanner is the 3D-viewer. While drawing your floorplan this tool allows you to check your progress in (wait for it…) 3D. This way you can immediately see whether you positioned the windows or the hallway mirror at the right height and get a general feel of the room. Until recently the 3D-viewer took quite a while to load because we were using Flash, an old but unreplaceable technology. Thankfully this year most browsers started supporting WebGL, a new technology for showcasing great looking and fast loading 3D images. Of course we jumped at the chance and used WebGL to revamp our 3D-viewer.

Now the 3D-view of your floor plan loads within seconds! It is even possible to quickly move around and smoothly check every angle of the room. In short: making the perfect floorplan just got even easier.

p.s. Do not worry if you are using a browser that does not yet support WebGL, especially for you the old 3D-viewer will remain available in Flash.