Beta - Frequently Asked Questions

The Beta has been online for 3 weeks and based on the valuable feedback we are receiving from you we are fixing little bugs and improving it on a daily base. The new feedback system (provided by Kampyle) is making it much easier for us to collect these comments in a more structured way. Based on your questions and comments we have compiled a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) list that you can find below.Thanks everyone for your feedback!

How can I migrate my account from the old version to the new?
You can migrate your current FREE account to the new version through this page: You will still be able to access your account in the old version.

Can I still access my old account?
Yes, your old account is not deleted and will still be accessible. During the login process you will get the option to login to the old version

Can I migrate my PLUS account?
Yes, use the Migration page:

Can I migrate my PRO account?
Not yet, Migrating PRO accounts will be available soon.

I can not see my plans in 3D
There still might be some issues with seeing the plans in 3D (mostly within Internet Explorer 7.0), please let us know the link of the plan that is not showing it correctly through the feedback form

I see the floorplan in 3D but not all objects are in 3D
We are working on this. Gradually more objects will become 3D objects, but this takes some time. We are starting out with the larger objects which are important for interiors like sofa's, beds and tables. Objects like lawnmowers and telephones will be added later.

Exporting an image does take longer than previous version
We are using a different system for image export that will leads to better results and is more flexible to to include dimensions and such, which is a much requested feature. This is not optimized yet, we are still improving this.

Is there a tutorial?
We are working on it and it will be added very soon... Meanwhile, if you have quesions, check out the beta forum.

Some objects seem rotated in the 3D view
The 3D is still under development. We are aware of this bug and are fixing this.

Why can't I see the dimensions when I place a door or window?
This problem has been solved. If it doesn't work yet, you may have to empty your browser cache.

Each time I overwrite a design, the font size of the measurements increase in size and get distorted
This also has been solved. If it doesn't work yet, you may have to empty your browser cache.

Where is the undo button
Currently undo and redo are disabled in the new version. We are redoing the saving and undo function and hope to add this soon.

How does the "unsaved changes" design work?
Under "unsaved changes", the last changes you made in a design will be saved as a temporary version. In every floor you find a different "unsaved changes". If you have just started a new design, did some drawing and wish to save your design under a certain name, you can do this by clicking on the "save" icon in the top-left corner.
You can select saved designs in the design lists that appear under every floor name in the top bar. If you made changes to an existing design and are satisfied with the changes, save your "unsaved changed" by with the "save icon" in the top-left corner.

We came up with this system for 3 reasons. The first is, we tried to reduce the risk of loosing your work. Now, it doesn't matter if you forget to save your work before switching to a different design and there is less chance you loose data when your browser crashes, although we can't avoid that for 100%. Second, we wanted to let people switch more easily between floors, designs and the 3D view. Third, we wanted to give people a clearer insight in the structure of floors and designs.

We are aware that this system may need a bit of getting used to, but we hope it will eventually make the workflow of Floorplanner 4.0, safer, easier, and quicker. But we welcome your remarks on this system of saving, because there's always a chance we looked over some situations.

Sometimes my mouse pointer disappears when I click on a wall to edit it.
This also has been solved. If it doesn't work yet, you may have to empty your browser cache.

Is the Beta available in more languages then English
Not yet, we hope to start translating somewhere in the coming months.