Black and white style

Over the years we have seen a growing number of properties that are presented online with a colorful, interactive floorplan made with Floorplanner. However a lot of floorplans are still printed on paper and in many cases this is in black & white and for this a more “cleaner” look helps readability. We have provided a black & white export option for some time now but as we are always looking to improve things we are rolling out some improvements that will make it even easier to create a more technical 2D look for your floorplans.

Some of the things we recently added are:

  • A collection of black and white furnishing items to our libraries
  • Simple doors and windows
  • Hatch patterns for your floors
  • A black and white export option
  • The option to turn off shadows

Check out this plan as an example:

Or, with a subtle color:

We will be improving things further in the near future. Think about:

  • More black and white items
  • More hatches for your floors
  • Easier PDF/image export
  • A small tutorial on how to get the best black and white look

To get black and white furnishing items, do a search for "blackandwhite" in the sidebar. toggle the grey buttons below the search bar to get the topviews

We'll keep you posted!