Create better images

Floorplanner users with a Plus or Pro account can create images of their floor plans. These images can be saved on a computer and used for example in a brochure or on a webpage. When creating an image, it's possible to select the size of the image (in pixels) and the type (JPG/PNG). The floor plan is scaled to fit the selected size and the image is created. Although this yields the largest size of your floor plan, it isn't always what you want.

The different floor levels of a house don't have to have the same size. If the size differs and you 'd create images of each floor, then the scale of these images isn't the same. Placed in a brochure it can give your clients the wrong idea.

Image export menuThis week we released an improvement that gives you more control over the way an image is exported. We added an advanced option to the export menu. Normally the boundaries (length and width) of the floor plan is used to determine the scale. Now you can fill in your own boundaries to keep the scale constant on different exports.

The advantage of this feature becomes visible when you use it on multiple floor levels. The sample below is created by using the same boundaries (length and width) for each floor level. As you can see, all floor levels now have the same scale.

We hope you like the new feature and we hope it will enable you to create even more compelling brochures with floor plans on scale.