Find out which style is right for you! (Mood board, Part 2)

Today my blog will be about translating ideas into a mood board. Making a mood board is a good way to get a clear style. You can take it with you while shopping for interior items and use is at a good base to draw a space in a certain style in Floorplanner. In this example I pretended decorating a living space for Prince! (yes, the artist )

Function room: resting, lounging, hanging with friends.
People: 1, but need space for many people!
Colors: gold, dark purple, leopard prints, white.
Materials: velvet, gold, shiny materials, mosaic.
Atmosphere: Classic, kitsch, funny, unexpected, warm, sexy.
This must remain: couch with leopard print.
This must go: the rest
Enhance: fireplace
Camouflage: heating
Additional comments: can be funny and strange, but should nevertheless remain calm and classy.
Additional facilities: include a bath in the living room

Think over!

Now we convert the above images.
Tear images of home-magazines, but also lifestyle, garden, holiday and/or music-magazines. This will keep your mind open while designing. It is fun to do this with family or with the client you work for. If you don’t have magazines, it is also an idea to search for pictures on the internet.

No boundaries!

Collect as many images as possible. Take all that’s triggering you! Don’t think too long about it and do not consult with your partner. You can also make a stack of pictures that you find terrible. Then you know very clearly what you don’t want.
If you finished collecting then explain why these images appeal to you. Then decide together which you want to keep and which should go. If you work alone your lucky!
I'm searching on the internet without Prince and wondering what he would like…

Enjoy crafting!

Make a collage of the pictures from your Yes-stack. Add color samples and possibly also pieces of material to it. Results are sometimes surprising! Especially if you have a mood board made by more people. Be sure you're both happy with it.
I hope Prince will be happy with the one I made him!

mood board

Next time we will have a look how to use the library of Floorplanner in a way that it will match your style for the best.
Floorplanner has lots of choice in furniture and it’s good to know you can change color of every interior-item. Next to that you can give appropriate structures to floors and change colors of walls as well. If you really can’t find anything that looks like a special item you want in your interior just add a picture of that into your plan! More of that next time!