Find out which style is right for you! (Part 1)

Last time I explained how you can measure your home in a simple way. Before we draw your sketches in Floorplanner, I’d like to explain how you can find out what style is right for you. This is useful to know before you decorate or rebuild your house. This first part is about creating a starting point for your interior design.

This style research also helps to bring more fun into making your drawings in Floorplanner because you give your technical research a personal twist. I’ve written down some questions you can ask yourself. This exercise is easy but by putting down a few key words you’ll have a good base to get you started.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself, your family or your customers:

  • What’s the function of the new space?
    Answer this question specifically. What do want to do here? What do others want to do here?
  • How many people use the space on daily bases? And who are these people?
    Children, for example, need more space.
  • Are there any requirements / wishes regarding color?
    Should it be light or dark? What shade appeals to me? What colors do I like and which I find just awful?
  • Are there any requirements / wishes regarding material?
    Do I like natural materials or not? Which textures appeal to me? Which fabrics do I like.
  • Are there any requirements with regards to atmosphere?
    Write down a few words which fit you (Clean, modern, industrial, retro, classic, bright, warm, cozy, basic, minimalistic etc.).
  • Which parts of the current interior should definitely stay and which should go?
  • What would I like to accentuate and what should I camouflage?
    For example, maybe you want to camouflage the heather but accentuate the fireplace. Or if you have a long space, keep it that way or make it look wider.

Some useful technical questions:

  • How is the natural lighting in the room?
  • What are fixed elements?
    (Windows, fireplaces, heaters, etc.)
  • What kind of facilities do you want?
    (Plumbing, electrics, data, lighting, etc.)

If you really take the time to answer these questions, you will surprise yourself! In part 2 of “Find out which style is right for you!” I’ll explain how to make a visual translation of the answers.