Floorplanner experiments Part I

This is a guest post from Hyungoh Yoo from Korea. Hyungoh is using Floorplanner in surprising ways. His designs vary from cars, boats & planes to famous places. In the coming period there will be more posts from him showing what you can do with Floorplanner. You can check out his own website with many more lovely plans at : http://blog.naver.com/hoyoo83

Living room on the run?

One of my friends has been dreaming about purchasing a van. He really loves to make tours and journeys with all his family members. Recently he decided to buy a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

“From the outside this car does not look very extraordinary. What attracted me most was its interior design” he commented. “If I only see the interiors of this car, without the structural frame such as walls, windows and ceiling, I might call this car a living room”.

He continued that owing to its luxurious as well as cozy atmosphere passengers aboard feel just like in a living room, moving on the road.

Being equipped with total AV system that can be connected to office appliances,

Being equipped with an excellent AV system and office appliances, this vehicle can also be used as a moving office.

Living room or office, whatever it is…

I heard my friend saying “I wish I could change its interiors at anytime I want in the future”.

He believes that continuing change of the interior would make him use this car even longer, although he knows there is a limited range of choices as long as it is about car interiors

At that moment a good idea occured to my mind.

It seemed I could help him with Floorplanner.

It was almost like simulating interiors of a living room in a real house.

From the top in 2D

Looking at 32 inches LCD TV hooked up on the rear wall

Laptop computer on small table for mobile office

Looking inside through the rear

Looking inside through the front door

How can he have a wider selections for changes of colours, styles or something more serious? - like remodeling the car?

He could make trial and errors in the virtual space called Floorplanner

Previews of change of floor colours

Previews of change of seats in style

Previews of setting up window blinds or curtains, or a combination

Wanting to have this van remodeled for more cargo? If you take measures of the car body and the stuff which take the space of the cargo block, you can simulate it before carrying out the job.