Floorplanner in the Classroom

Floor plans in the classroomSince the first day we released Floorplanner.com (almost a year ago) there has been interest from students and teachers worldwide to use Floorplanner within the classroom. It is being used both for (homework) assignments as for actual classroom planning and it's being mentioned in educational resources and even podcasts. We regularly receive nice feedback like the following email we got recently:

"I used your site with my technology education class and they loved it. It was their favorite activity. Do you sell a version of this to schools? Thanks for letting us use your great product. Keep up the great work!"

We love this as we always have envisioned Floorplanner to be used for educational purposes and of course we want to stimulate this. That's why we are working on some refinements making Floorplanner even more usable in the classroom and testing a special version of our PRO account for teaching. Below you can find one of the many examples of classrooms being created with Floorplanner.

If you are using (or planning to use) Floorplanner within your classroom please let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear how you are using our tool and how we can improve it for this specific use. Also leave a comment or contact us directly if you want to get invited to the beta program of Floorplanner for Schools that will allow teachers to collect and review all plans from their students through one account.