Floorplanner meets KSK-Immobilien

At Floorplanner we are always curious to see how companies from all over the world are using our products. In our monthly Floorplanner meets… series we share their stories.


This month we are meeting German company KSK-Immobilien, the biggest real-estate broker in the Rhineland region. Mirko Wendel tells us about the past and future of KSK-Immobilien and all the smart ways his company employs to save time and money using Floorplanner.


Can you tell a little bit about KSK-Immobilien?
“KSK-Immobilien GmbH was founded 20 years ago as the real estate division of financial institution Kreissparkasse Köln and today still is its wholly owned subsidiary. With around 130 employees in more than 30 real estate offices in Cologne and surrounding districts, we are the largest real estate broker in the Rhineland region. This past year we have succesfully handled over more than 1,800 listings. We are not only specialized in residential property, but also in the sale and lease of land as well as commercial, exclusive, investment, agricultural and forestry property.”

How does KSK-Immobilien use Floorplanner?
“A few years ago we decided we wanted to start drawing the floor plans of our listings ourselves. Using Floorplanner we can guarantee that every one of the approximately 3500 floor plans we draw a year meets our quality standards. And the process of making corrections to an existing plan goes a lot smoother now that we can adjust the plans ourselves, instead of making an expensive detour via external service providers we have used in the past. For our company this "in-house" solution is particularly practical because we have been able to create an archive of all our floor plans. We consult the archive for certain new listings. For example, most student apartments have similar floor plans, so when we need a plan, we simply make little adjustments in an existing one instead of creating a complete new one. This way we can create a listing for our customers even quicker.

What are KSK-Immobilien’s plans for the future?
Floorplanner has become an important part of our everyday work. It allows us to remain independent of external drawing services and to work more quickly and effectively. For our company’s future we are especially interested in the interactivity Floorplanner offers. So in addition to already furnished floor plans, we would like to encourage our customers to virtually decorate their rooms themselves using Floorplanner.