Floorplanner partners with Officeplanner to visualize office space

Floorplanner extends its platform into office spaces through a partnership with Officeplanner. This partnership adds a new possibility to the Floorplanner platform that allows people to automatically create different office layout proposals within seconds and see them in 3D.

“Visualizing the possibilities of a particular space is hard and hiring a designer to draw up a custom proposal brings additional costs. Officeplanner solves this by delivering custom 3D layout proposals on the fly based on the floorplan from our platform. It saves companies and real estate agents considerable time and money but also gives them much better insights into the potential of a space.”

- Jeroen Bekkers, CEO of Floorplanner

Leading Dutch property portal Funda.nl is among the first to use the Officeplanner / Floorplanner integration within their website. This integration went live this week with over 250 office spaces already enabled with this feature.

Jan Werkman, commercial manager at Funda, says: "From experience we know that it's difficult for future tenants or buyers to see the potential of an empty office just by looking at a floorplan. They have a hard time visualizing if this is the right space for them. The interactive 3D floorplan from Officeplanner helps to bridge this 'imagination gap' based on the most advanced internet technology available."