Floorplanner turns two with over a million users

Floorplanner turns 2Floorplanner turned two yesterday. Because of this happy occasion, I think its a good time to take a few moments and give you a report on the state of Floorplanner.

During these 2 years over 1 million users created an account and these users created a little over 1.5 million saved plans in total. A lot of the plans you've created are very impressive and we did notice that over time the quality of the plans has improved as we tried to listen and anticipate as much as possible on the feedback you gave us.

We've made many improvements over the past two years and the most notable are the 3D view we added and the new version that was released last December. The new version gives us an excellent basis to improve further upon and there are a lot of new features currently being worked on by our team.

We're proud to see Floorplanner is used all around the world. The top 3 list of countires with the most users is : 1. Brazil 2. United States 3. China. Floorplanner is currently available in 10 languages and another 10 are being worked on by over 50 users who volunteered to help out with the translation of Floorplanner in their own language.

We'd like to thank all users of Floorplanner for your feedback, support and nice words and we are looking forward to the next milestone....