Improving our translations

We have been providing Floorplanner in 12 languages for some time now. Thanks to our users' feedback we have learned that some of these are still incomplete or could use some improvement. Also, some other languages could use some boost to be finally released. Our goal is to have a well translated user interface for all languages our users speak.

Help us translate floorplannerFor Indonesian, Russian, Hebrew we could use some extra translators to get them online soon. For the existing Japanese, French, German, Portuguese, Brasilian, Italian and Chinese versions, we could use some help with checking the translations throughout the whole site. Just correcting the grammar now and then or providing some translations for new pages or furniture would help improve it greatly.

If you want to contribute all, you have to do is to send us an email with the following details: Your name, the language(s) you want to translate and optionally some details or background on why you would make a good translator. After we receive and approve your application, we'll soon send you a mail with all the instructions, the rules and a link to the translation dashboard.

Active translators will of course receive a free PLUS subscription.