Introducing the new layout

We are introducing a new layout for our PLUS and PRO users. This new layout allows you to add more relevant information to your floor plans like photo's, video's and 360 virtual tours and also shows the exact location on Google maps. You can even see the surroundings of your property through Google streetview.

Another nice new feature is that it gives you more branding opportunities. You can choose a custom background like a repeatable pattern or choose a bigger image that your visitors will see when they load the plan. On top of that image, you can place a custom preloader image that can link to your site.

Regular users of Floorplanner will also appreciate some of the improvements regarding the usability like maximized workspace and easy access to frequent used functions like edit publish settings and more.

To get an idea on the improvements please take a look at the video below that highlights some of the new features or click on one of the sample plans to play around with the new layout yourself.

So how do I get this new layout?

The new layout is currently only available to PLUS and PRO accounts. You can enable it by going to the "account" tab and change your preference to "use new layout" When you enable the new layout you might want to spend a bit of time in getting familiar with the themes. This can be done in the "profile" tab directly in the new layout so you can instantly see the changes in colors and background.

If you experience any issues with the new layout please let use know through Make sure you mention which browser and OS you are using and if possible send us a screenshot of the problems you encounter. If you are not happy with the new layout you can always switch back to the existing layout using the "account" tab and all your plan will be shown as they were before.

In the coming period we will be further refining the new layout and iron out the remaining bugs and we are looking forward to your feedback!