Looking for Beta-testers

We have been working very hard on the new version of Floorplanner for several months and today we are giving you a chance to testdrive the new version yourself.

By launching the Beta of Floorplanner 4.0 we hope to receive your feedback so we can iron out little bugs and inconsistencies before offering the new functionality to all Floorplanner users. In the coming weeks we will be making adjustments to this version based on your feedback and also will be offering an easy way to migrate your current plans and account to this new version.

Floorplanner 4.0 Beta

There are a lot of improvements in the new version of Floorplanner, below you can find some of the highlights:

Drawing improvements - Easier surface drawing, Copying and mirroring surfaces, presets for roomtypes, Maximized work area and more little improvements.

Graphic update - The style of the website and logo has been updated with more vivid colors and a lot less rounded corners.

3D objects - The most requested feature: We now have 3D objects! Although we haven't got 3D objects for all elements in the libraries yet (working on this) you can now play around with the available objects that can be found in the 3D category in the library

Improved speed - There have been many improvements behind the scenes that improve the loading speed of floors and designs significantly

Maximized workspace - Due to a more flexible integration of Floorplanner within webpages you can now maximize your work area by hiding the sidebar. You can also see a list of all elements being placed below your plan it is now easier to work with multiple floors.

Interface refinements - The navigation window has been replaced by a simpler way to zoom, pan and switch between 2D and 3D. We also tried to minimize the number of times a properties window appears when you work on your plans.

If you want to play with the new version yourself, go to the new demo to experience the new drawing functionality or create a test-account here. Please note that during this test period things might change a bit use it for EVALUATION PURPOSES ONLY and please give us your feedback by the new feedback form.