Magicplan & Floorplanner partner up

We at Floorplanner have been fans of the Magicplan iPhone app since the day it was released. Today we are proud to announce a new partnership between Sensopia/Magicplan and Floorplanner to bring the best of both worlds to floorplan creators worldwide.

So what can you do with this?

The Magicplan application allows you to create a floorplan by just using the camera on your iPhone. As the name suggests the process of just point and click and have an accurate floorplan created automatically for you feels a bit like magic and can be a real time saver to create floorplans for properties that do not have a floorplan yet.

Once you have captured the 2D floorplan within Magicplan 2.1 you can send it to your Floorplanner account where a new project is created that you can further edit, add furniture to and see in realtime 3D. Having your Magicplan floorplan imported into Floorplanner also allows you to created scaled drawings in PDF, export high resolution 3D images or publish your plan online so it can be viewed in an interactive way in both 2D as 3D. All this can be achieved without drawing 1 wall :-)

How can I start?

If you want to try this you can simply go to the iTunes store and install the Magicplan application (or upgrade your existing Magicplan application to the 2.1 version) and use the new share button in the interface. You have to make sure that you are logged into Magicplan with the same emailaddress you are using for your Floorplanner account and you also need to have enough space to create new projects.

Room for improvement

As this is the first version of the Magicplan/Floorplaner integration there might still be some issues so if you run into any bugs or other strange behavior please let us know at and we will fix this.