Moving Furniture Around

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A floor plan without furniture would be little more than a square. Without it, there would be nowhere to sit, lie, write, eat, or tastefully arrange architecture magazines upon. So, it goes without saying that furniture is a big part of what makes Floorplanner Floorplanner, so we're happy to announce a big change to the way you use furniture on the site.

First of all, we've moved our massive furniture library out of the library window and into the sidebar – a lot of heavy lifting. As stated earlier, good furniture is one of the foundations of a good floor plan, and we've made this choice in order to bring it to the forefront of the Floorplanner experience.

Not only is the new sidebar view more spacious, but it will also introduce you to something you should notice straight away: all of our furniture is now rendered in 3D, making it much clearer as to exactly what you're putting in your floor plan. What was previously a brown circle is now a table. Two ovals now find themselves to be an office chair. The benefits are obvious.

And finally, we've added something that is going to make populating floor plans with furniture a snap, and that's search. All furniture is now searchable, which means you can get a quick look at lamps, desks, mats – or whatever you like – whenever it takes your fancy. Just search.