Multiple floors in free version

Floorplanner is growing rather nicely. We are closing in on 1 million registered users and we have been steadily making small and bigger improvements since the launch of the new version in December. The migration of old accounts to the new version went quite smooth and although the old version is still accessible, over 95% of our current traffic is through the new version. We got tons of feedback and based on this feedback we are rolling out frequent updates that you can follow through our Twitter account.

One of the most requested features for the free version was the ability to create multiple floors and this week we made some changes that will allow users of the free version to do this. Free users can now create up to 3 floors and save up to 3 designs per floor. This used to be 1 floor with 5 designs so although you can save less designs per floor the total designs you can save with the free version has almost doubled (from 5 to 9 designs) We hope you appreciate this new feature.

Multiple floors in floorplanner