My account improvements

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We know that clicking matters. Every click counts towards the experience of - for better or worse - and the latest target of our click-awareness scheme is account information.

This kind information can be found in all kinds of places on the Floorplanner website – sometimes where people may not necessarily expect them to be. For our Plus and Pro customers this could become a little complicated, as you'd find your company details under one menu, invoices somewhere else, and subscriptions under another heading – it all adds up to a lot of clicking.

With that in mind, we've made things simpler for Plus and Pro customers and gathered all this information into the most logical place, the Floorplanner account page. From here you can oversee and modify your account to your heart's desire. Here's a quick overview, fittingly starting with the overview.


This tab gives you a quick look at your profile and company information, your latest invoices, and how many projects you've used out of your monthly allowance.


Here it's possible to modify all your account details, from your name to your profile picture. You can also change the language you'd like to use and what kind of measurement system you prefer, along with a few other options like changing your password or subscribing to the Floorplanner newsletter.

Company Info

Changed your company name? VAT number? Moved your headquarters to Brazil? Here you can edit your company details to reflect any recent changes to your business.


From this tab it's not only possible to see all your recent invoices, their dates of payment and other details, but also to download them in PDF format.


Lastly you can see your current subscription plan, alongside its monthly cost and associated benefits. You can also upgrade to other plans, cancel your current subscription, and see how much you can save if you pay per year.

And that's it. One heading, five menus, and far fewer clicks.