New dashboard, listings and actions

project actions

Over the past weeks you may have noticed a few changes on your Floorplanner account: an improved dashboard; better project listings; and new project actions. Some of these are new features, while others are improvements of existing ones –
so let’s have a quick look at how they work and what’s new.

First of all, the dashboard has been updated. Recent projects should now tell you more at a glance, with a full rundown of the number of designs and floors in the project, its public or private visibility, and even a little thumbnail of the project itself. There’s also a news section featuring our Weblog, Facebook and Twitter feeds, where you’ll find new information and posts about new features – like this one! Finally, there’s a new introduction video to help new users get straight into drawing their floor plans.

Project listings
Next up, we’ve improved project listings. Your listings now show the number of designs and floors in your projects; private or public visibility; and the date the design was created, and when it was last modified. We’ve also placed the search bar in a more prominent position to make finding a project that little bit easier.

Project actions
Lastly, we’ve got a brand new feature: project actions. Actions make doing things with your floor plans much, much easier. Just hover over a project in your listings and you should see a new “Actions” button, giving you quick access to a wide range of operations: duplication, moving a floor plan to another user, collaboration, or even downloading the FML file – and these are just a few of the possible actions available. Actions are also contextual, so depending on the status of the project (basic, private, published), you’ll have different actions available to you – keeping things streamlined, quick and clean.

So get dashboard-ing, listing-ing and actioning – we’ve got plenty more coming up!