New paths and fences

We added some new line types that gives you extra drawing possibilities. Using the linetool you can now draw:

  • 4 types of stone paths
  • New types of wooden fencing
  • Metal and glass railings
  • Bushy and straight hedges (60 and 100 cm wide).

This will especially be useful when you are planning a garden or adding the finishing touches to a balcony or roof terrace.

Also, we improved the visual representation of these objects. For instance, the line menu will show a better image of the things you are selecting. Fences and railings have posts at the endings and hedges are less jumpy at the ends.

We are currently working on a 3D representation of these elements; for the moment they will show in 2D only. Also in time we'll add more types of paths, hedges, fencing and railings.

Paths and fences in Floorplanner