Our new and improved gallery

floor plan galleryRecently we temporarily removed our gallery of public floor plans as we had a few improvements in mind. As of today, we're happy to say that the gallery is now back and better than ever.

With so many designs, we figured the best way to present the gallery was by dividing it into three different sections: Featured, Fresh and Published.

The featured section is much like the gallery we had before, featuring designs that we noticed and wanted to share with you. The floor plans you'll find in this section will give you a good idea of what Floorplanner is capable of, and a good look at what people are using the website for — from building their dream holiday home, to laying out a sculpture garden or even their new café. In any case, there's plenty of inspiration to be found in these projects, so please take a look.

The fresh section of the gallery shows you all of designs that are being saved by our users right now — freshest designs first.

Finally, we have the published section. This is where our all of our Plus and Pro users' published plans can be found for all the world to see. Many of the plans you'll see here are of houses that are being put up for sale or rent. So if like a design enough, there's a chance you could get the real thing

We hope that you enjoy the new gallery, whether you just want to have a quick browse, or dig in a bit deeper for some inspiration (the best artists steal, after all).