Rooms with a view

panorama-views-in floorplannerA while ago we released an update that allows users with a PLUS or PRO account to add media (like photos and videos) to their floor plans. Today we are proud to announce that we have enhanced the media functionality with improved support for panorama/360 photos.

You can now upload any large photo and create a panorama-like experience. This feature works best with so called equirectangular images, these are images that are created with a 360 camera or special software. But you can also use this effect for normal (wide) images. Just select “Panorama from my computer” from the media drop-down and upload your image. A spherical 360 viewer will be created for your image and like any other media item you can place a pointer on the floor plan to show where this view was created.

occipital-360-app How do you create those panorama images?
Up until now, creating panorama/360 photos needed either specialized cameras, or specialized software to stitch a series of photos into one big image. However, as mobile devices become more powerful, there are easier alternatives to create this kind of experiences. The recently introduced 360 iPhone app by Occipital is a great example of how easy it can be to create panorama photos. Within minutes you can create and publish a 360 image with only your iPhone. The resulting link can be inserted directly within Floorplanner by selecting the “ panorama” option in the media drop-down and paste the given link. Click here to see a demo of a 360 photo of our office that was created and added to the floorplan within 2 minutes.

December discount
You can get the 360 panorama app for a discounted price of $0.99 for a limited time at the iTunes store and start adding panorama's to your floorplans right away. Note we tested the panorama capturing on both an iPhone 3gs and an iPhone 4 and found out that the iPhone 4 does create better panoramas. So if you have an iPhone 4 and a Floorplanner PLUS or PRO account head over to the app store and get the Occipital app so you can make even more compelling presentations of your properties.