Realstar, apartments for rent in CanadaRealstar Management is one of the largest property managers in Canada. In 2009 the Toronto-based creative marketing agency Philter Communications re-developed Realstar’s most important marketing tool – Within the new website Floorplanner PRO was used to add interactive floor plans to the listings

“The new Web site was launched with two main goals in mind; help renters easily find great places to live, and build online brand recognition. The Web site needed to be easily accessible and have the ability to maintain a high-quality user experience. For this we looked to many different interactive floor-planning tools but realized quickly that there was only one company that would best support our requirements. offered a creative and unique outlook on visualizing living space online. With, users can now interact with each individual apartment, adding their own furniture, carpets, office equipment, and so on, ultimately giving shape to empty space, and designing their own home.

The user experience that comes with Floorplanner gives an advantage over competing Web sites, which results in more online traffic, a better online experience, and returning users. With Floorplanner we can also easily create, manage and customize each floor plan when needed, the simple back-end admin portal is easy to navigate and understand, which in the end allows us to make changes quickly when needed.

With Floorplanner, we know that our floor plans are the most interactive and user-friendly online. Floorplanner was a great decision.”

Kevin Hisko, Director New media and technology – Philter Communications

Realstar interactive house plan
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