Simpler accounts

We are always working on improving our service. Normally, we take small steps: we fix a bug, we change the page layout, or add a new feature. However, some issues can't be solved this way. Some require us to make big changes. This week we rolled out a major update that simplifies our account system: making it easier for users to understand, and better for us to manage.

Projects, not publishings

You signed up to Floorplanner to create and share floor plans, and that's what we want to make as easy as possible. We also want floor plans to be the core metric of our accounts: not the number of active published projects, but the number of projects total. This is a more straightforward metric, making it easier for you to work with Floorplanner. You will get a number of projects per month/year and you can decide for yourself what you want to do with them: export a project as an image, publish it, or put it on your website or download it as an FML file.

Take a look at our new plans & pricing page.

Less accounts

Over the last few years, our account system has grown to accommodate 14 different account types. It's become too complex and it's time to change that. So we're cutting that number down to 5 accounts. For private users, we have the free Basic account and the upgraded Plus account. For professional users we have three Pro accounts (Pro S, Pro M and Pro L), depending on the usage. The Partner account is for companies that want to partner with us and work with our API.

Seamless change

Most users won't notice any changes, so you'll still be able to use Floorplanner the way you always do. If you do encounter a problem, please contact us so we can help you right away.