Välkommen till floorplanner! (Floorplanner now in Swedish)

Swedish We released a Swedish version of floorplanner! Now Floorplanner is available in 14 languages.

We would like to thank a couple of our Swedish users for their help in this. They helped translate about 50% of the entire platform, our web pages, the drawing tool, manuals and the objects in our library. Big thumbs up!

You can switch to your own language in your profile, go to ‘My account’ on your dashboard and change it in your profile. Not logged in, check out the flag in the top right.


There are probably still some errors in our translations. Have you found any errors or untranslated parts in our product or pages or can’t find any furniture items, please let us know through our contact form.

Would you like to help us out? You can become a translator and get a Plus account for free!