Floorplanners meets Kaplan Early Learning Company

At Floorplanner we are always curious to see how companies from all over the world are using our products. In our monthly Floorplanner meets… series we share their stories. 

This month we are meeting Kaplan Early Learning Company. Founded in 1951, Kaplan is North America’s leading provider of products and services that enhance the early childhood learning experience. Senior Vice President Chris Gerblick talks about the company’s mission and how their customers rave about using Roomstyler to decorate early childhood classrooms.


Can you tell us a little bit about Kaplan? 
“We originally started in 1951 as a toy company. But in 1969, our current President, Hal Kaplan, made it his mission to make a difference by bringing the best quality products and services to early childhood classrooms. We believe the construction of quality learning environments, that allow children to learn through exploration and play, is a vital part of the education experience.” 

How does Kaplan use Roomstyler?
“In a couple of ways actually. First, we provide Roomstyler, or was we named it ‘Classroom FloorPlanner’ as a free resource to visitors of our website. It allows educators to gain a visual understanding of how our furniture will fit in their space. Second, our employees use the tool in consultation with customers to help them design rooms.” 

How has Roomstyler impacted your business? 
“We looked at several options for room arrangement software and wanted a tool that provided the most functionality, while remaining easy to use.  Roomstyler really found that balance. It fits our mission to bring the best resources to the industry. Customers rave about it, and it continuously ranks among the most visited sections of our website. We provide it as a free resource, but it remains a wonderful branding experience and allows us to help customers make wise decisions.”

What are Kaplan’s plans for the future? 
“We’re excited to launch our updated version of the Classroom FloorPlanner. With this new launch, we’ve added functionality, such as shopping lists and more product details. Future plans are to add additional furniture lines and incorporate online design recommendations.”

Why does the design of a classroom matter?  
“Classroom arrangement is key to creating a high quality early childhood learning environment. Early childhood classrooms thrive with multiple interest areas and benefit from careful planning. For example, you want to put a space between an active play area and a quiet reading area. Having the ability to intentionally design a developmentally appropriate classroom and evaluate options using an online tool, such as Roomstyler, gives educators the chance to make the best use of their space.”