From design to purchase in one click.

This week Product Markers were introduced on Roomstyler. With Product Markers companies who have a Branded Roomstyler can choose to tag their products so they become interactive in the final design of a room. The marker is clickable and offers more information about a product and can be integrated through a direct link to the companies webshop. For the customer the step from their design to a purchase is now only one simple click away.  

We are very excited to add this feature to our platform and think our clients and users will be excited too. Viewing product information in a design makes it much easier for people to discover and buy inspiring products.
— Jeroen Bekkers, CEO Floorplanner

Roomstyler is a great way for customers to experience their products in the virtual reality of their own homes. With the new markers they can now immediately inform them about their design choices and lead them straight to the shop. We believe that with this feature we really found a way to close the gap between a design and a sale.