Lights, camera, action!

It’s time for another round of Roomstyler updates!

Who needs doors anyway? We’re introducing frameless wall openings! A set of four to be precise. They can be found in the usual ‘door section’ and you can drag them in the wall just the way you’re used to. They’re even stackable so you can create bigger and more creative passages, like one of our users did in this design

In the 3D Planner you can now choose between 3 different cameras! The default setting is the regular wide-angle we’ve always used. But if you click the camera icon, you can also experiment with a normal and a zoom camera. The angle of your preview 3D render will change along with the camera of your choice. It’s also possible to set the camera height. Raise it up till 6 meters high, or lower it for a straight shot resembling the look and feel of those fancy lifestyle magazines. Doesn’t this design look great?

Finally, you can control the orientation and altitude of the “sun” in the 3D Planner again. Go ahead and play a little, see whether you can fine-tune it so your design catches the perfect outdoor light. You can find the new controls under the light bulb icon, in the tab on the left.