More info about the new Floorplanner Editor!

Remember we told you about the good news for our Floorplanner Partners and users with Floorplanner Plus and Pro accounts? These coming months we will be updating our Floorplanner Editor, so that come 2017 we will be ready for a new year.

Decorate like a pro

After using the new editor to draw a floor plan, you can decorate the space using items from the standard Floorplanner collection. Want to spice things up? Check out the five new collections we’re launching. They’re based on the latest interior trends.

Label every room

With the new editor, every room in the floor plan can be assigned a specific room type. You simply add a label and the room will change color accordingly. In the blink of an eye, the room types provide you with a clear overview of any floor plan. The specific labels and color schemes can be customized to your preferred language and corporate identity.

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