Bigger & Better Roomstyler Renders

In a time where our screens seem to only get bigger the Roomstyler renders with a 4:3 aspect ratio looked a bit… well… outdated. Since more and more devices are best served with a 16:9 ratio view we decided to switch over. So from now on all Roomstyler renders will be proportioned 16:9!

But that’s not all folks. We will be bringing these new renders to you in higher resolutions. The smallest render, for example, will be a whopping 960x540 pixels! That is almost 70% bigger than the old version (which was a meager 640x480px). Every render will also be available in HD (1920x1080px) and even in 4K (3840x2160px). Furthermore we improved the Roompage so that you will immediately get to see your room in full screen. And if you requested a render in HD or 4K your room will automatically load on the Roompage in this resolution (if your screen can handle the resolution, that is).

With our improved render sizes professional Roomstyler users such as retailers and realtors can now present their designs (and furniture!) on huge screens, without losing any details.

Just imagine the possibilities…