Improved renderings

WHOOSH! What was that? Oh, you know, just our BLAZING new update that showcases your Roomstyler designs even faster and better. As a Roomstyler user you’ve probably already noticed our latest update because the rooms you decorate now render much, much faster. This gives you the opportunity to make little adjustments to your rooms and immediately check (and show others) the effect with our photo realistic renders.

Speaking of photo realistic: that is the other major improvement we’ve introduced! The renders of the rooms show even more depth, vivid colors and (drumroll please...) reflections from the glass in the windows! Before this update the windows in Roomstyler were “empty” and functioned solely as holes in the walls. But of course in the real world windows are so much more than that. With the addition of glass panels Roomstyler now captures the true experience of what sunlight does with a room.

And there’s more to come. Soon it will be possible to render your favorite room in a full 360º view! With this new panorama function you can showcase not only a single corner, but the whole room at once. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? We’ll keep you posted.