The new Floorplanner Editor

It’s time for a change

Good news for our Floorplanner Partners and users with Floorplanner Plus and Pro accounts: these coming months we will be updating our Floorplanner Editor, so that come 2017 we will be ready for a new year. The new Floorplanner Editor is completely up to date and future proof.

Take it with you

Since the new editor is built in HTML5 and Javascript, it works and looks great on any and all devices. Realtors, designers and other professionals who travel around, don’t have to wait until they are back behind their big desktops at the office, but can start editing whenever and wherever is most convenient for them - simply by opening Floorplanner on their smartphone or tablet.

New look

Don’t worry, you will still recognize the Floorplanner Editor. We just spruced it up by regrouping functions and options in a more intuitive order. We are also introducing a new set of icons with an instantly familiar feel.

Prompt and precise  

Another useful new feature is the automatic placement of measurements within a new design. Of course, these measurements can always be adjusted manually so that they are accurate to the centimeter. 

In the next couple of weeks we will be introducing more exciting features of the new Floorplanner Editor.  

Stay tuned!