About Floorplanner

We are Floorplanner. We’ve been around for a decade empowering over 20 million users across the globe to plan their space and be inspired. We’re a tech company and love to play around with the latest technologies trying to make space planning easier and more attractive every day.

Now we’ve turned into a teenager as a company we’re growing faster than ever before, we’re rebellious and disruptive and are ready to start conquering the world.

Do you want to join our team of 25 highly skilled and super motivated professionals moving from a start-up into a scale-up? Do you want to join our classic Tetris competition and have fun, often nerdy, conversations with your colleagues? Let’s connect!

Our culture

  • Tech savvy - We love technology, love to play around with it and philosophize about how it’s going to impact people’s daily lives. If it turns out to be useful for our users we’ll be the first to apply it.
  • People’s business - We’re running a people’s business and we think people perform best if the have a great work/life balance. We promote working 3 or 4 days a week, remote working and flexible hours.
  • Marathon - We’re not about short term profits; we’re running a marathon. We unlock markets before they exist and solve problems before they occur. Our mission is to make floor planning easy, fun and available to everyone.
  • Flat - We choose leadership and craftsmanship over management. We choose people over process and politics. We choose collective ambitions over big egos.

Senior backend (Ruby) developer

Want to put your engineering skills on the fast track? We offer scale, cutting edge technology and a fun and inspiring work environment! Join our dev team that provides a scalable, performing and secure infrastructure to over 20 million registered users across the globe. You’ll be working on our service oriented infrastructure on which we build our React and mobile apps and which we expose to external clients so they can build their own custom integrations. Our complex and challenging landscape of web servers and SQL/NoSQL databases is, of course, hosted in the cloud.

But there is much more under the hood! For example we use Elastic for indexing to allow our users to find their needle in our haystack. Our cloud based GPU render farm renders mind boggling 3D (interior) images in seconds. We apply machine learning methods to automatically import handmade sketches into our editor and to automatically come up with the best furnishing for a certain room. And much, much more very cool stuff you would really, really would love working on.

We try to be as agile as possible; minimizing technical debt and releasing small increments multiple times a day. However, right now we’re working on a huge update that’s going to replace the currently outdated version.

We are looking for:

  • 6+ years of experience as a backend developer & 3+ years of (professional) Ruby experience.
  • Experienced with RESTFUL APIs, MySQL and MongoDB, Elastic search, GIT, continuous deployment, etc.
  • KISS - keep it simple, stupid.
  • A real team player who takes responsibility for collective goals and doesn’t let his or her ego get in the way.
  • Passionate about software development: you’re always on top of the newest developments and technologies.

We offer:

  • Being part of a proven startup (been around for 10 years) moving into a fast moving international scale-up.
  • Working with an international team of highly skilled and super motivated professionals.
  • A well-equipped HQ in the centre of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
  • All the stuff you need to be successful such as a pumped up MacBook and additional screens.
  • Flexible working hours and remote working opportunities.
  • Delicious daily lunches & free drinks.
  • Classic Tetris competition.
  • Lots of fun and building cool stuff together!
  • Oh and the boring stuff; a competitive salary, 8% holiday pay, travel & business expenses, retirement plan and the 30% facility for expat employees.


Contact us if you want to know all about it and to have a chat whether you would be interested in joining us.